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Increased Investment in Digital PR Leads to Impressive Results

WhistleBlower Security is the the affordable choice for organizations to identify fraud, harassment, and other misconduct through an anonymous employee helpline. Seeking to enhance their off-page SEO, Whistleblower Security increased their Digital PR investment and worked with seoplus+ team to surpass target results.

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  • Increase off-page SEO efforts by adding eight additional link-building hours
  • Increase backlinks by focusing on guest blog strategy to improve organic traffic
  • Become a recognized industry thought leader and share insights via written content


  • WhistleBlower Security Inc. onboarded on the seoplus+ Digital PR service in 2020 for a 5-hour link-building service block.
  • Right from the start, this campaign had consistent opportunities and placements by utilizing the “Help A Reporter” (HARO) system and guest blogs as their main strategies.
  • However, due to the necessary researching, outreach, writing, and coordination for this campaign, the seoplus+ team noticed that the 5-hour link-building block was too short.
  • Each digital PR strategy was vital but ultimately time-consuming, especially because the client intersects with numerous industries.
  • After noticing this, the PR team shifted our strategy to an alternating system, where one month was dedicated to strategy and outreach, and the next was used for writing and coordinating deliverables.
  • Although this system worked, and we saw results bi-monthly, the seoplus+ team knew there was potential to achieve even more world-class results for this client monthly. 


  • WhistleBlower Security was seeking ways to enhance its off-page SEO strategy.
  • After seeing the results generated in the 5-hour block, they were aware that additional hours on Digital PR would be a beneficial way to achieve their objectives: generating organic backlinks, improving SEO rankings, increasing brand awareness, and inclusion in industry publications.  
  • In mid-2022, WhistleBlower Security switched from a 5-hour link-building block to a 13-hour link-building block, which gave the seoplus+ team additional time for strategic planning, keyword targeting, and topic research. 


  • Increasing the overall time block allowed the seoplus+ team to generate a greater amount of interest from various high-quality media outlets in a number of different niches, such as security, HR, leadership, women in business, and others.
  • With these additional hours, the campaign quickly went from an average of 1 publication per month to 2-3, with other ongoing leads and pending publications. Some notable media placements have been with Talent Culture, HR Daily Advisor, Recruiting Daily, Brilliance Security Magazine, and US Cybersecurity Magazine.
  • One of the impressive factors of this campaign is that all of these publications are organic, allowing the WhistleBlower team to get high-quality backlinks on target keywords and connect directly with the readers of these industry-specific outlets without paid efforts. 
  • Due to the results generated from the additional hours, the seoplus+ team entered the WhistleBlower Security campaign in the 2022 Global Digital PR Awards. Though the campaign didn’t win, it was shortlisted for the category “Best Use of Content” and even featured a blog on the awards website!
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“We were excited about the results seoplus+ was generating for us and the ground we were gaining on our various campaigns. By doubling down on our investment with the seoplus+ team, we were able to improve and enhance all key indicators of their work and have been exceptionally pleased with their ability to pivot and redirect in order to get us the results we need.”

- Amanda Nieweler, Marketing Content Manager

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