How Mobile Klinik Achieved a 573% Increase in Blog Traffic in 2023

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Mobile Klinik
Mobile Klinik
Mobile Klinik case study

Mobile Klinik, a leading Canadian retailer specializing in certified pre-owned smartphones and expert repair services, embarked on a strategic journey to revitalize its brand presence online. In 2023, following a comprehensive website redesign, the focus shifted towards leveraging quality content on their new website blog to attract and educate both current and potential customers. With the assistance of the seoplus+ content and design teams, Mobile Klinik aimed to position itself as a thought leader in the smartphone industry, offering valuable insights and information to its audience.


The primary objectives of Mobile Klinik’s content strategy were multifaceted and aimed at both bolstering the brand’s online presence and enhancing customer engagement:

  • To publish 10 high-quality blogs on the new website, tailored to the interests and needs of their target audience.
  • To encourage customer interaction with the content, leading to increased inquiries and engagement with Mobile Klinik’s services.
  • To launch an iPhone Evolution Infographic, providing an engaging visual story of iPhone development over the years.
  • To attract more customers and increase website sessions through informative and engaging content.
  • To establish Mobile Klinik as a thought leader in the smartphone industry, enhancing brand visibility.

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The seoplus+ team realized there was an opportunity to provide valuable information and to strategically align with search terms that potential and existing customers were using. This required meticulous planning to ensure the content was informative and optimized for search, making Mobile Klinik the go-to source for smartphone users seeking information. Balancing engaging content with the technical requirements of SEO posed a unique challenge, as each blog needed to resonate with readers and encourage them to remember Mobile Klinik’s name for their future smartphone service needs.


The seoplus+ content team prioritized the creation of world-class blog posts, ensuring each piece was informative, engaging, and of the highest quality. This involved:

  • Conducting thorough research to identify priority keywords and topics of interest related to certified pre-owned smartphones.
  • Leveraging audience search trends and knowledge demand and identifying gaps in existing content to tailor the blogs to the audience’s needs.
  • Ensuring the content was accessible, easy to understand, and provided real value to readers, whether they were current customers or potential ones.


The strategic content initiative led to remarkable outcomes for Mobile Klinik. The iPhone Evolution Infographic was particularly well-received, adding a visually exciting element to the content strategy that captivated users.

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