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Custom PR strategy & influencer campaign draws eyes to rental community

Property Management Graphic
Property Management Graphic

Our client is a thriving rental community located in Canada. They were the sponsor for a local festival. They asked seoplus+’s Digital PR team to handle the strategy and coordination with local influencers to help promote the event.

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  • Create brand awareness through local festival as a primary sponsor
  • Contract local influencers to promote activation at the event
  • Create long-term partnerships with local influencers
  • Expand target market through influencer work


  • One of this campaign’s primary challenges was pivoting to an entirely new strategy.
  • As the client is a property management group, the target audience is the rental community, lifestyle and young professionals; however, this campaign required a creative way to reach out to festival attendees, which led the team to propose an influencer campaign.
  • The customized strategy of influencer work brought in a human and local component to the campaign, which would bring more recognition to both the festival and our client as a brand.
  • Another challenge the team faced was finding the right influencers aligned with the campaign goals and their budget.
  • Since our client was working with external influencers, the seoplus+ PR team conducted thorough research on the potential partnerships, their type of content, their publication platforms, types of followers, engagement, and contact info.
  • The team also recognized the challenge of balancing the needs of our client and the influencer’s needs in a way that could benefit both brands.


  • seoplus+ recognized the benefit of utilizing influencer marketing for this campaign.
  • By working with the client to create a customized PR campaign, we could ensure their goals, needs and intended outcomes were aligned.
  • The seoplus+ PR team compiled a list of 23 local influencers that could fit this campaign well. The client reviewed this list, and once the approved influencers were selected, the seoplus+ team started sending outreach emails.
  • From our outreach, the team received a response with interest from a major influencer in the city.
  • With her following, engagement and reach, our client’s campaign and activation can reach a wider audience.
  • The team also reached out to a local micro-influencer, a well-known name among young individuals in the city. She has cultivated a community on her social media page while providing top-notch recommendations in her content.
  • seoplus+ then provided recommendations for the type of content the influencers should post.
  • These recommendations were informed by the nature of the event and the type of content that would perform best with this type of audience.
  • Next, the team set up meetings with the influencers and the client to explain the event’s purpose, brainstorm content ideas, and discuss pricing and content options for the campaign.
  • After the influencers shared their media kit/proposal, the seoplus+ provided recommendations on influencers to proceed with for the campaign based on the price and influence.


  • This campaign benefited from both influencers’ content in different ways.
  • The campaign reached more than 30,000 people, generated more than 38,000 video or story plays, and sparked nearly 1,800 total engagements.
  • The majority of the audience’s reach and likes came from the macro influencer’s content, which sparked an interest in many attendees about their giveaway. The majority of interactive engagement came from the micro influencer’s content, which led to a lot of positive impressions on the campaign.
  • The benefit of contracting influencers to promote their campaign is the ability to organically create content and connect with a wider audience that might not have heard of our client.
  • This project worked because the influencers had full creative control over the content creation, and they sent it over to the client team for review to ensure information accuracy.
  • In future influencer campaigns, our team will focus on the importance of budget allocation in relation to which media products and influencers are providing the best value. We will also lean more towards creating a smaller batch of content output if it means producing higher quality content and getting better engagement with followers and social media users.
  • Overall, the influencer strategy worked so well with our client’s team and the influencers that the team was able to start building long partnerships with some of them for future campaigns and plan for the next influencer campaign for another local event. This campaign showcases the importance of being flexible with your strategy even if your company has never tried it before – you never know what success you can generate!
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β€œWe were thrilled with the success of this campaign, in particular, because it was our first time working with influencers as a marketing tool. It helped us tap into a new audience, connect with our community and enhance our brand awareness.”

- Marketing & Communications Manager

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