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Web automation doubles SEO traffic for mobile repair chain

Mobile Klinik
Mobile Klinik

Mobile Klinik is Canada’s #1 resource to buy, sell, repair, and connect mobile devices. Seeking to improve their SEO visibility in a scalable way, they worked with the seoplus+ VIP team to strategize and deploy the creation of more than 1,200 high-quality service pages via automation.

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  • Enhance local SEO for a client with 150+ physical locations offering 8 services each.
  • To boost Google rankings, we aimed to create 1200 localized service pages, ensuring that users, no matter their location, would find relevant location-specific repair pages in search engine results.


  • Time and resources. Generating 1200 new service pages manually would be time-intensive, potentially spanning multiple years for completion.
  • To overcome this hurdle, automation became imperative to streamline the process and expedite the project timeline.


  • Our approach involved a meticulous, phased strategy.
  • Initial discussions and discovery meetings between the SEO and Web Development teams led to a thorough planning phase, engaging Content and Web Design teams.
  • Once page templates were approved, client feedback obtained, and a detailed CSV populated, the Web Development team executed the build phase on a staging site.
  • Post-launch, we conducted a QA phase and are currently in the evaluation stage, preparing for adjustments to improve our current results.


  • 2023 planning – “The Concept”
    • Our SEO specialists provided a high-level overview of the project’s scope during our year-end 2022 planning discussions, aligning with our 2023 goals.
  • Internal discussions between our SEO team & the Web Development team
    • Internal discussions unfolded between our SEO and Web Development teams, outlining project goals and challenges. The focus was on collaboratively devising the most efficient approach for implementation.
  • Created the CSV file outline
    • The third step involved initiating the CSV file outline. To generate 1,200 web pages efficiently, we meticulously structured and populated a CSV file with desired webpage information for the subsequent website upload.
  • Designed the web page template
    • Next, we crafted the web page template — a pivotal stage in envisioning the appearance of the forthcoming 1,200 pages before their eventual launch.
  • Wrote the content required for the web page template
    • We then generated the content required for the web page template. This involved crafting the actual textual elements for the forthcoming 1,200 pages.
  • Back & forth on template & content
    • In the sixth step, refinement ensued through collaborative feedback loops. Internal discussions among the VIP, SEO, design, and content teams iteratively shaped the final template and content for the 1,000+ pages.
  • Included client review & approval
    •  Incorporated client review and approval, aligning the template’s layout and content with their preferences. Agreement with the client marked the transition to the subsequent development stage.
  • Finalized CSV File with approved content
    • In the eighth step, we solidified the CSV file, integrating the approved content for the page template. This critical phase prepared the finalized data for subsequent upload to the website.
  • Web development work on staging 
    • The Web Development team then initiated work on the staging site. This involved uploading the completed CSV file and commencing the template-building process for all service types.
  • Launched updates onto the live site 
    • In the tenth step, we successfully launched the new 1,200 service pages, transitioning them from the staging site to the live environment for public access and visibility.
  • Q/A Phase
    • Shortly after the launch phase, a comprehensive Quality Assurance (Q/A) phase unfolded. The team meticulously reviewed all 1,200 live pages to ensure accurate and error-free population.
  • Evaluation Phase (early results) 
    • In the following weeks, the team began assessing the initial performance of the 1,200 pages. The VIP and SEO teams scrutinized data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Rankings, determining necessary adjustments for optimal results.
  • Phase 2 – Adjustments
    • Currently, the team is in Phase 2 – Adjustments, where we are in the midst of implementing SEO-recommended changes based on the findings in the Evaluation phase. These adjustments aim to optimize the performance of the newly launched pages.


  • Organic sessions have contributed to a 144% increase compared to pre-launch (23,220 sessions vs 9,483 sessions)
  • Google Search Console Data
    • Clicks – increased by 101% – repair URLs
    • Clicks – increased by 8.3% – stores URLs
    • Impressions – increased by 84.6% – repair URLs
    • Impressions – increased by 22.8% – store URLs
  • Website Leads (store quotes) increased by 27.9% in Q4 compared to Q3, as well as YoY
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“This project was a monumental task but made possible by the collective commitment and collaboration of our team. The success we've seen so far is truly a testament to everyone's unwavering dedication. We eagerly look forward to replicating this winning strategy for our future clients.”

- Sam Parsonson, VIP Team Lead

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