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SEO campaign leads to increase in high-quality leads for car dealership

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Barrhaven Honda is an award-winning automotive dealership located in Ottawa. Seeking to increase traffic and leads and improve their digital brand and presence, seoplus+ implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to drive more traffic and high-quality leads.

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The Barrhaven Honda location was a relatively new dealership and they need to establish a digital presence and drive traffic and leads. The website uses a proprietary automotive CMS which made standard SEO and content implement difficult.


  • seoplus+ met with the Barrhaven Honda team to understand their needs and objectives. We conducted extensive keyword research and implemented comprehensive SEO optimizations to maximize performance and user experience.
  • We also supported the campaign with a fully customized content project and new page templates to increase quality and user value while combatting internal competition, known as cannibalization.


  • With the first six months of the campaign, organic traffic grew 140% and we generated 53% more leads.
  • When we started working together, the website ranked on the first page for only one keyword. Within one year, 86% of keywords were on the first page.
  • seoplus+ was able to gain significant visibility and drive more high-quality leads for new and used vehicles alike, which is the brokerage’s primary objective.
  • This SEO project made a significant impact for Barrhaven Honda.
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“This campaign was challenging as the website uses a third-party automotive software to auto-generate inventory pages. Unfortunately, these pages were not SEO-friendly. This forced us to be creative and develop a new strategy. Thankfully, the risk paid off.”

- Alexa Rees, SEO Team Lead, seoplus+

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