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Google Ads campaign leads to increase in high-quality leads for property management company

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We worked with a Canadian property management company with over 10,000 units across the country. Seeking to increase leads for their various rental properties, seoplus+ implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy to drive more high-quality leads.
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  • Increase high-quality leads for rental units
  • Decrease cost per lead
  • Maximize market share during peak season


  • Met with the client to understand their needs and objectives
  • Conducted an extensive audit of current campaigns across Google Search, Display, and YouTube
  • Optimized existing campaigns
  • Implemented localization strategy to maximize visibility


  • During peak season (Q2 and Q3),leads increased by 14% in Q2 2021 and 47% in Q3 2021.
  • Cost-per-lead decreased by 38% year over year
  • Client achieved higher return on investment
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“After reviewing historical keyword and audience data we identified proven areas to expand upon while carving out a portion of our budget dedicated to testing and experimenting. By breaking up campaigns and keywords by property and neighbourhoods we ensured that the client's property ads matched user-intent and reflected their needs.”

- Rory MacDonald-Gauthier, Paid Ads Specialist/Technical Lead, seoplus+

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