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Simplify Your PPC Landing Page To Drive Better Results

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Graphic of corner of a computer monitor that has targets on it.
Graphic of corner of a computer monitor that has targets on it.

It should come as no surprise that in today’s digital environment, users want convenience. They want to find exactly what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it, from the company that does it best (or for the best price…or both). Your company has the opportunity to be that result for them, but if you don’t provide the most relevant and simplistic experience, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

Developing dedicated PPC landing pages are an excellent way to simplify the user experience to drive results from your campaign. The challenge that most advertisers face however, is designing a landing page that is specific and relevant enough to align with what the potential customer needs in that moment.

Read on to learn how to simplify your PPC landing page design and strategy to drive better bottom-of-funnel conversions from your advertising efforts.

Why you should use a landing page

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about the importance of using landing pages. Driving PPC traffic to a landing page is more effective in capturing qualified leads at a lower cost-per-conversion compared to if you were to drive PPC traffic to your homepage.

By segmenting your PPC traffic from your organic traffic and directing ad clicks to a dedicated landing page, you have more freedom to A/B test content to align your landing page experience with your PPC campaign objective and ad copy. Not to mention by setting up your landing page as a non-indexed page on your site, you don’t have to worry about cannibalizing SEO efforts (your SEO team will thank you).

With the freedom to design a page that’s best suited for your PPC campaign, you’ll increase your landing page relevance, which in turn improves your Quality Score, ranking your ads higher so you pay less to generate clicks and conversions.

How to design a landing page that converts

Create your concept by asking 3 simple questions

First, start by asking yourself three simple questions:

    1. What is the #1 message I want to get across to potential customers?
      1. Your message should align with the particular product or service you’re promoting through your PPC campaign and should incorporate a value proposition relevant to what your audience is looking for.
    2. What is the #1 audience segment I want to attract?
      1. Your audience should be specific to who you’re targeting in your PPC campaign. If you segment your campaigns by location, for example, each landing page should be designed to resonate with the local audience.
    3. What is the #1 action I want them to take? 
      1. Your action should be a trackable conversion that aligns with your sales cycle, such as a form submission, demo request, or whitepaper download.

Let’s put this concept into practice. A landscaping business in Vancouver, BC specializing in Residential and Commercial landscape service wants to generate new residential customers. Here’s how they would answer these 3 questions to design a landing page:

The 1 message I want to convey is: My Eco-Friendly Landscaping Service

The 1 Audience I want to attract is: Residential Customers In Vancouver 

The 1 Action I want this audience to take: Get A Quote

Now that they’ve answered these 3 questions, they can design the landing page to incorporate this content, resonate with a particular audience segment, and generate a specific outcome so visitors enter their sales funnel.

Next, they align the landing page message, audience, and outcome with their PPC campaign structure so when users search for “eco-friendly landscaping vancouver” or “best residential landscaping near me”, the landing page experience will be relevant to their search query.

Design your landing page with your potential customer in mind

The concept you’ve mapped out by answering the three questions above should now be integrated in the look and feel of the landing page. Keeping the design simple, just like the concept, will allow you to capture the attention of your audience quicker and increase your PPC conversion rate.

To simplify your landing page look and feel, design with your potential customer in mind. Here are a few best practices that put your potential customer first:

  • Responsive design: create a responsive landing page with a modern design to make the experience enjoyable for potential customers on any device
  • Cohesive branding: mirror your company branding on your landing page for a cohesive brand experience
  • High-impact content: Incorporate high-impact imagery and video content that aligns with your landing page concept
  • 1 main CTA: Communicate your solution to the customers problem/need directly in the page header, alongside a CTA (Call To Action) button
    • Replicate the same CTA button within each segment/widget of the landing page to keep the desired action specific as the user moves down the page
  • Solve your customer’s problem: List value propositions to explain your solution to the customer’s problem/need and why you care
  • Trust factors: Feature trust factors like partner logos, testimonials, accreditations, etc. to position your brand as a trusted expert
  • Closing statement: Build a strong closing section on the landing page to encourage the user to take the desired next action (i.e. Get In Touch Today, Download Your Free eBook, etc.)

Ready to design your PPC landing page?

Now that you have an understanding of why landing pages are essential to your PPC strategy, how to simplify your landing page to resonate with your audience, and what best practices you should incorporate to keep your potential customers in mind, you’re ready to build your landing page.

There are many great landing page templates and resources available online to help you get started.

Our team at seoplus+ has created a Landing Page Template to help guide your design process.

Download our PPC landing page template ¬‡ï¸

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If you would like help with simplifying your landing page to drive better results from your PPC campaigns, reach out to our team and we’d be happy to help! We create professional landing pages with compelling sales copy so users are more likely to convert.

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Lisa Westlund

Lisa Westlund is the Director of Search at seoplus+, with 10 years of marketing experience. She oversees SEO, Paid Ads, and Content departments, driving growth and results for clients through holistic marketing strategies. Lisa has a passion for business leadership, data analysis, and fostering change through collaborative team environments.

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