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4 Reasons Digital PR Is an Effective Marketing Tool

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Do you have a hard time marketing your business efficiently because you are constantly wrapped up with the day-to-day work? We get it, it takes a great deal of effort and time to market your business, but it’s essential if you’re interested in attracting new customers and maintaining long-lasting relationships with your existing ones. Read on to learn about how PR can help you achieve strong customer relationships and why you should incorporate this service within your business marketing strategy.


If someone was ever to ask you what your company is about, insights about the services, the brand’s tone of voice, and what elements give your business a competitive edge – what would your answer be? These questions are critical guiding points for storytelling in the digital world. With the online space moving at such a fast pace, it is essential to focus on your unique, attention-grabbing, and newsworthy factors. Why will users click on my story and share it with their personal and professional networks? The “why” should be your guiding word when thinking about the value proposition that your news will bring to the readership.

Timely output

Your content needs to be timely and valuable to its consumers to create viral content. With the day-to-day, this presents so many opportunities to sit down and share what your team is working on and the reason behind it, and within minutes (or hours, or days), there is a way this can be shifted to something newsworthy. Working with specialists who can strategically write and incorporate your story into each opportunity that presents itself is a game-changer. Scanning the media landscape for buzz-worthy topics and keywords and finding unique perspectives for a competitive edge angle will be your best bet for increasing your chances of expert interest and article inclusion.

Long-term gain

Working on a PR campaign is time-consuming, but the more time spent on a campaign, the more results you will likely generate. It takes time to perfect the tone and brand style in every outreach email and strategy used and find the right contacts to reach out to for your niche. With specialists working on your account, strategizing opportunities for your company, scanning the media for new placements while simultaneously building relationships with journalists/outlets, it’s worth the long-term investment to build your brand authority and reputation while increasing your SEO results.

Multiple strategy/tools for additional exposure

Public relations is all about being strategic; it’s about finding ways that people will read and share your story—one of the strong contenders in your digital marketing arsenal. The beauty of working with a digital marketing agency is multidisciplinary departments and specialists, who all work towards helping you outperform your competitors and boost your digital marketing presence. The Digital PR world works cross-departmentally, harnessing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) site quality/keywords/page rankings, content marketing for captivating SEO-optimized content, Web Design for beautifully branding visual content and Social Media for further online exposure. In addition, you will have specialists researching, monitoring, and executing strategies to amplify your brand exposure SEO and increase your business lead traffic by leveraging multiple strategies.

It’s important to maintain your competitive brand visibility edge in our online sphere. The long-term PR strategy helps to be recognized as an expert in the field, is a source for in-depth knowledge, and provides your overall trustworthiness with your clientele. Are you ready to get quoted/mentioned on high-quality websites and take your online brand reputation to the next level? The Digital PR team at seoplus+ can’t wait to work with you and help tell your brand story to the online world the way it was meant to be told.

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Catherine Hansen

Catherine Hansen is the Digital PR Team Lead at seoplus+. She has worked at seoplus+ since 2019 in the Digital PR and Social Media departments. Catherine is very passionate about empowering her team and helping clients land PR placements and be recognized as trusted thought leaders. Catherine and her team have achieved notable placements in Forbes, Globe and Mail, Reader's Digest, New York Times, and Business Insider +!

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