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seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

2022… What a great year it has been! With a New Year right around the corner, the seoplus+ shows some love to some of the best moments this year had to offer. Here is our version s(eoplus+)potify’s wrapped. So, grab a coffee (tea, water, sparkling.. ok, you get it)  and your favourite snack, and let’s dive in. 

 ðŸª„ Sweet magical tools 

 Game-changing resources for departments  

Every year, it’s all about figuring out ways to elevate your department, processes, and team, and often when you find something to test out, it’s a game-changer. 

Here are tools and resources that helped each of our departments elevate their game. 

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic


Cision helped us cut down on outreach/planning time and make things much more efficient.

PandaDoc saves the team tons of time!

A combination of a re-tooled Salesforce to help the progress and accountability of our everyday sales and Zoominfo for prospect gathering and increasing the speed of information.

Implementing daily standups for my team reduced the time we spent updating each other during our internal meetings and helped us centralize communication and prioritize tasks effectively.

Frase! My favourite feature is how it pulls the headings of the top-performing pages in search results— a huge time saver when putting together content recommendations.


Figma! – it has made collaboration between departments so seamless.

Surfer SEO, Ahrefs, and in general, just following influencers and incorporating their advice into our department.

Picking each other’s brains has been the most important and fruitful resource I’ve noticed this year in the SEO department. I’ve learned a bountiful amount of actionable information from other team members. For example, I’ve learned how to implement schema site-wide, and on individual pages, I’ve learned to take my ability to analyze on-page SEO best practices to the next level, and I’ve learned some e-commerce tips.

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

Maximizing the value of tools 

2021 was a year of major tool/software transition, from onboarding with an HR software to migrating to a new project management software. This year, it was about maximizing these core tools’ use. 

Having previously worked with Adobe XD for web design, it was amazing to start using Figma and learn all of its features. I’ll never go back to XD again!

Typeform is such a great tool for building forms and surveys. We’ve been using it for web and brand onboarding, and so far, it has been great.

This year, we introduced as a budget pacing tool to the Paid Ads Department! This tool gives us more control over campaign budgets, maximizes value from our spending, and predicts performance at various spending levels. And the best part is it allows us to automate budget pacing across multiple platforms like Google, Microsoft, Local Service Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter and Pinterest Ads.

🎶 Funky hype up 

seoplus+ listening personalities 

Are you the type of person that starts the day with the same song, enjoys variety or resorts back to that ONE song when you need to pump yourself up? 

Our seoplus+ team responded to their “#1 work pump-up song”, and the responses are funky, to say the least. 

Run the World (Girls) – Beyoncé…. STRONG choice  

Boulangerie – Recent Rumors…. Croissant anyone?

Downtown – Macklemore 

I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys 

We Ain’t Playin’ – Gangsta Boo

Run The World – Dayglow 

As it Was – Harry Styles (it would be weird if I didn’t pick a Harry song)…. As their #1 fan, yes, it would be 

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

Any of the Big Bootie Mixes… ANY. 

Narco – Timmy Trumpet 

My Buick – Live Sesh – Louis Cole

Happy – C2C

Karma – Taylor Swift 

Ride the Lighting – Metallica

Definition – Mabel 

Or we just have the chaotic indecisive…. 

Honestly, this changes every day – it all depends on my mood, LOL hence my 89,607 minutes listened to this year…..

🔥 Happy upbeat celebrations 

seoplus+ accomplishments 

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on the past 12 months…(a moment of, so what just happened?) and see how much you’ve accomplished. It’s an excellent motivational moment to see how much you can achieve and how much you can continue pushing yourself and your team forward, putting in even more effort for better world-class work and planning how you can make the next year EVEN better. 

Now…..what are some projects, tasks and accomplishments our seoplus+ team is most proud of this year? 

Client campaigns

Paid Ads 

A Paid Ads Audit project for a well-known Canadian college! This was the largest audit project the paid ads team has ever completed. It was one of the most collaborative projects we’ve ever done, too, with 4 different paid ads team members working together on different pieces of the audit.


A huge website project that was launched in December! It was fun seeing this project through from beginning to end. The client was great to work with, and I think it will be a great spotlight for the company!

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

Digital PR 

Very proud of the results we’ve achieved for two Digital PR clients. These two campaigns exceeded expectations in their campaigns and have achieved impressive results!


Taking on an Ottawa-based personal injury client. I accomplished our goals a whole quarter early, and we received a 5-star review from the client on Clutch.

Getting to be a part of the largest SEO audit we’ve accomplished to date. It had many moving pieces with contributions from several team members and departments, and I’m glad I was able to have a small role in it.


Process improvements

We launched OKRs for the first time. This company-wide initiative took a lot of thought, planning, creativity, and accountability from everyone on the team, and I am so grateful for the trust and buy-in.

Creating the Digital PR Strategist and Media Relations Specialist streams in the PR department! We have really seen the benefit for our team in task delegation, and it has significantly increased our results

I am very proud of creating a brand new social media package in my first three months of being at seoplus+

Updating Salesforce for the sales team. Realigning the historical data of our clients, our current opportunities and changing how we forecast our deals.

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

œ¨ Uplifting impactful motivation 

seoplus+ lessons 

We love a good lesson to help you reflect, help you grow, and keep you going on this journey called LIFE. What are some of the professional and personal lessons the team learned this year? You tell me, these folks are not short of sharing some uplifting impactful motivation…… 

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

“I learned that I need to make the most of every opportunity I receive and never let a chance to learn to pass me by.”

“If at any point you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not living up to your potential.”

“Feedback is given for growth, not for criticism.”

“Teams are stronger when everyone works together. From cross-department collaboration to brainstorming with your teammates, with a team of world-class specialists, you can achieve just about anything.”

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

“You cannot control everything. Sometimes, it is out of your hands when something fails. It’s best to step back, assess the situation and find the best possible solution.”

“Slow down. Things get better when you take a step back.”

📚 Glowing transformative content 

Book, article & podcasts recommendations 

Have you ever just read a piece of content or listened to a podcast that just transformed your life, and you want to share it with the world….and your team? Here are a few books and podcasts the seoplus+ team recommends you add to your reading or listening list. 


Radical Candor – Kim Scott

Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott 

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni was by far my favourite book this year (S/O to Catherine for the recommendation!) 

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

The 6 Types of Working Genius – Patrick Lencioni 

7 Habits of Highly Effective People –  Stephen Covey 

The Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness – Jeffrey Gitomer


Discovering the podcast Ologies 

How I Built This with Guy Raz 

Girls in Marketing 

 Coaching Real Leaders by HBR Presents 

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

😎 Adventurous discovery hype

Favourite discoveries this year 

Nothing like a solid new discovery, from food to coffee shops to travelling, to new artists, to moving, to new habits. The seoplus+ team was an adventurous bunch and found some great things this year, let’s see what they were. 

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

Foodie vibes 

Traveled to Italy for the first time and discovered I love Italian food. Started making gnocchi at home. 

I learned how to cook Chinese restaurant-style braised eggplant.

Mezcal. A true well made spirit. Not the touristy stuff. 

Z3 Coffee Shop

Some big life events! 

My trip to London & Paris this year with my mom and discovering all the amazing art and history those cities have to offer 

Our cat Willow! I have never really wanted a pet, but she has become an instant family member. And she keeps me accountable for my vacuuming, with all her fur… 

Yoga! While I had tried it a few times before this year, it has become my passion this year, and I’ve consistently practiced yoga multiple times per week for the past year! 🧘

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

TV show vibes 

White Lotus has been an amazing show  

The TV show The Bear 

Finally caved and decided to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls, and two weeks later, I watched every single episode. I have no regrets.

🥰 Sweet lasting memories 

Favourite seoplus+ memory this year 

The seoplus+ crew loves a good social event, but which ones did team members enjoy the most this year? 

The Halloween party! It was great to debrief with colleagues I can only see when I visit Ottawa. 

Halloween Party & filming TikToks with the team.

The HOPE beach volleyball tournament. Sun, sand, and fun coworkers— no complaints (not even the sunburn…oh, the sunburn).


Brandon T icing Frank at the Halloween party, followed by Jonathan blocking his escape.

Sam’s moustache……enough said.🥸 

Getting to meet with many team members for the first time over the summer and the team lunch. Good times!!

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic
seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic

Being able to share in the celebration of our “Best Paid Ads Campaign” at the 2022 Global Search Awards, which was announced in the middle of a virtual meeting with our team leads around customer service training. It was a perfect snapshot of our values of play, accountability, and collaboration, as we were committing ourselves to improved customer service but also took the time to enjoy the moment and live together as a team.

Joining the team.  Life changing to be a part of this group. 

Adding an additional team member to the PR squad. Our team of 4 is now really able to elevate results for our clients! 

The Team Lead Retreat we had in the summer (also the same day as the Rogers outage). Having no connection to the online world made for an interesting and memorable day! 

📈 Level up 2023

seoplus+ professional and personal excitement for 2023 

The end of the year means looking forward to ways to level up and grow in the New Year. Here are some ways the seoplus+ team is excited to accomplish in the New Year! 

I am excited to grow my skills and department along with it.

I’m excited to see the social media department grow with new clients and to see myself grow as a leader.

Continuing to grow in my role here and delivering world-class design work to amazing clients! Also pretty pumped about some of the internal initiatives I’ve been a part of. Looking forward to seeing these launch!

I’m excited to continue on my data science learning journey of completing my intermediate Python course and getting to the next stage in the program! I’m also looking forward to participating in my first mentorship program as a Mentor for young women looking to start their careers in marketing/business.

Now that’s a WRAP. Thank you, everyone, for checking out the seoplus+ wrapped 2022 and for being part of our journey this year.  We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and here is to more success, and world-class results in 2023 – we can’t wait to see you there! 

seoplus+ Wrapped 2022 Graphic


PS: Huge #kudos to Graphic Designer Andrew Newby for his incredible work on the imagery for this seoplus+ Wrapped post.

Avatar for Catherine Hansen

Catherine Hansen

Catherine Hansen is the Digital PR Team Lead at seoplus+. She has worked at seoplus+ since 2019 in the Digital PR and Social Media departments. Catherine is very passionate about empowering her team and helping clients land PR placements and be recognized as trusted thought leaders. Catherine and her team have achieved notable placements in Forbes, Globe and Mail, Reader's Digest, New York Times, and Business Insider +!

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