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Tailored Branding and Website Redesign for a Dynamic, Ottawa-Based Mortgage Broker

Jason Anbara logo
Jason Anbara logo

Jason and his team have spent numerous years in the mortgage industry and in that time, have helped thousands of clients. As mortgage brokers, they continue to support Canadian residents in achieving their dreams of home ownership.

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  • We were asked to create a more professional-looking and modern brand & website in an effort to elevate the client’s online presence.
  • This meant pushing the design to speak to their leadership with design work that would match his position in the industry.


  • We approached the project by initially reviewing the existing brand identity.
  • How could we elevate the logo with more design thinking, allow it to be read better, considering the colours and refining how they work together?
  • We wanted to ensure that it had consistency and use more interesting shapes – roundness, spacing, angles – which would all flow into the design of the site. This also required us to explore a new typeform that felt more modern and better tied into the new shapes.
  • Elevating aspects from the logo and transforming it across the design on the website, including how sections worked together, exploring creative approaches to background imagery (blending sections or creating overlapping elements for a sense of depth).
  • We approached each component and section on the site, reviewing how we could create visual interest without detracting from the page content, in an effort to enhance each item on the site.


  • Overall this project had minimal challenges, and oftentimes there were minimal revisions. We received high praise from the client, noting that the new design gave off “high end automobile” vibes.
  • The process of completing this project allowed us to enhance our own internal processes and collaboration when brainstorming creative approaches to design while considering content and SEO needs.

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“seoplus+ did more than redesign our website —they elevated our entire brand with a high-end feel. We have complete confidence that this new look supports us as leaders in the mortgage lending space.”

- Jason Anbara, Owner, Jason Anbara Mortgages

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