How Google’s Author Tag Adds an Element of Authority to Your Blog and Brand

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Brock Murray
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The predominant mantra around search engine optimization success is that “content is king.” After all, powerful and compelling content is the cornerstone of your blog and, in turn, your  SEO efforts. Yet as anyone who’s received a spam email can attest “content” alone isn’t enough, and that’s because “content” is relative.

A more accurate manta is “quality content is king.” But what, precisely, is quality content? In a nutshell, it’s content that is interesting, authoritative, unique, and positions the author as an expert in his or her field. Or, to employ yet another mantra, “if it’s not worth sharing, it’s not worth publishing.”

If you post content on Google+, there’s a new tool out that will add more authority to your content. It’s called the “author tag,” and it proves that you, a real live human and not a robot, spammer, or “black hat”  SEO  practitioner, is behind the content. As a result, it helps to boost your blog’s authority, improves SEO rankings, and strengthens company branding.

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Brock Murray

Brock Murray is the COO and co-founder of seoplus+ digital marketing agency. As the driving force behind this award-winning, full-service agency, Brock's passion is helping businesses establish, grow, and maintain their online presence. With the help of SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and more, Brock and his team help clients of varying sizes and verticals, from small, local retailers to large, multinational enterprise companies.

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