The Buyer’s Journey Handbook: 99 Real-World Examples [LAST UPDATED April 2024]

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The Buyer’s Journey Handbook
The Buyer’s Journey Handbook

Every customer goes through a journey before they make a purchase, known as the “buyer’s journey” or “customer funnel.” This journey consists of different stages, from the moment they first become aware of a need or a product, to the point where they make a decision to buy. Understanding this journey is key to effectively reaching and engaging customers.

In this blog post, we’re diving into 99 different buyer’s journey funnels, each tailored to a specific industry. Whether you’re in retail, tech, or any other field, understanding your industry’s unique customer funnel can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

Administrative services

Awareness: “how to do admin tasks faster”
Interest: “benefits of outsourcing administrative tasks”
Consideration: “hire virtual assistants for administrative support”
Conversion: “sign up for virtual assistant services”

Adventure tourism

Awareness: “adventure travel destinations”
Interest: “adventure vs. leisure travel”
Consideration: “plan adventure trip with [agency]”
Conversion: “book adventure tour to [destination]”


Awareness: “how to generate more leads”
Interest: “benefits of digital advertising”
Consideration: “agency vs. freelance paid ads”
Conversion: “request a quote”


Awareness: “advantages of organic farming over conventional”
Interest: “best tractors for small-scale farming”
Consideration: “compare John Deere vs. Kubota tractors”
Conversion: “Kubota tractor prices”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for air travel

Air Travel

Awareness: “best airline for business travel”
Interest: “direct flights from Ottawa to New York City”
Consideration: “Air Canada vs. WestJet ticket prices to NYC”
Conversion: “book Air Canada flight to NYC”

Alternative medicine

Awareness: “benefits of acupuncture therapy”
Interest: “acupuncture vs. traditional medicine”
Consideration: “acupuncture clinics in [city]”
Conversion: “schedule acupuncture session at [clinic]”

Amusement & recreation

Awareness: “family vacation ideas”
Interest: “season passes vs. single-day tickets”
Consideration: “plan your theme park visit”
Conversion: “buy tickets for the theme park”

Animal care

Awareness: “animal rescue initiatives”
Interest: “volunteer opportunities at animal shelters”
Consideration: “animal rescue organizations in [region]”
Conversion: “donate to [animal rescue organization]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for apartment rentals

Apartment rentals

Awareness: “best neighbourhood in [city]”
Interest: “apartments for rent in [city] with pet-friendly policies”
Consideration: “apartment rental prices in [neighbourhood]”
Conversion: “schedule a viewing for [apartment listing]”

Art gallery

Awareness: “upcoming art exhibitions”
Interest: “types of art and artistic styles”
Consideration: “visit art galleries in [city]”
Conversion: “purchase art from [your gallery]”


Awareness: “car maintenance tips”
Interest: “latest car models”
Consideration: “compare [car make/model]”
Conversion: “request a test drive [car model]”

B2B services

Awareness: “business growth strategies”
Interest: “benefits of digital marketing”
Consideration: “compare digital marketing agencies”
Conversion: “request a quote for [service]”


Awareness: “importance of business banking for startups”
Interest: “best business bank accounts for small businesses”
Consideration: “TD Bank vs. RBC business account fees”
Conversion: “open TD Bank business account online”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for beauty & cosmetics

Beauty and cosmetics

Awareness: “how to treat acne”
Interest: “benefits of natural cosmetics”
Consideration: “product reviews of [cosmetic brand]”
Conversion: “purchase [cosmetic product] from [brand]”

Business services

Awareness: “benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping services”
Interest: “Bookkeeping outsourcing for small businesses in Ottawa”
Consideration: “cost of bookkeeping outsourcing for $1 million revenue busienss”
Conversion: “request bookkeeping outsourcing quote”

Car dealership

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Awareness: “electric vehicle benefits”
Interest: “compare electric cars”
Consideration: “find electric car dealerships near me”
Conversion: “schedule a test drive of [electric car model]”

Carpet cleaning

Awareness: “get rid of wine stain on carpet”
Interest: “carpet cleaning services in [city] for stain removal”
Consideration: “carpet cleaning prices comparison”
Conversion: “schedule a carpet cleaning service with [company]”


Awareness: “overview of chemical manufacturing processes”
Interest: “top chemical suppliers for pharmaceuticals in Canada”
Consideration: “environmental regulations for chemical production”
Conversion: “inquire about bulk chemical pricing”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for coaching


Awareness: “triathlon training benefits”
Interest: “triathlon coaching vs. self-training”
Consideration: “hire triathlon coach in [city]”
Conversion: “sign up for triathlon coaching with [service]”

Comedy club

Awareness: “date night ideas”
Interest: “stand-up comedy vs. improv”
Consideration: “comedy clubs in [city]”
Conversion: “buy tickets for [comedy show]”

Computer repair

Awareness: “computer running slow and freezing”
Interest: “computer repair services in [City] for performance issues”
Consideration: “computer repair cost comparison”
Conversion: “schedule a computer repair with [Computer Repair Shop]”


Awareness: “[state/province] code for electrical work”
Interest: “certified electricians in [city]”
Consideration: “recommendations for condo construction electricians”
Conversion: “request electrical work estimate”


Awareness: “how to increase profitability”
Interest: “benefits of consulting”
Consideration: “compare consulting firms”
Conversion: “request consulting services”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for craft brewery

Craft brewery

Awareness: “craft beer trends 2023”
Interest: “craft beer vs. mainstream beer”
Consideration: “visit craft breweries near me”
Conversion: “order craft beer from [brewery]”

Culinary arts

Awareness: “culinary trends and techniques”
Interest: “culinary school vs. self-taught cooking”
Consideration: “join cooking classes in [city]”
Conversion: “enroll in [cooking course] at [school]”


Awareness: “cybersecurity threats 2023”
Interest: “importance of data protection”
Consideration: “compare cybersecurity solutions”
Conversion: “request a demo of [cybersecurity software]”


Awareness: “choosing quality daycare for child development”
Interest: “daycare centers in [city] with educational programs”
Consideration: “daycare fees at [daycare] vs. [competitor]”
Conversion: “book a tour”


Awareness: “molar pain”
Interest: “dental diagnosis information”
Consideration: “fee schedule for dental visit”
Conversion: “schedule a dental appointment with [dentist]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for e-commerce


Awareness: “fashion trends 2023”
Interest: “online clothing stores with free shipping”
Consideration: “compare [brand] vs [brand] clothing”
Conversion: “buy [clothing item] online”

Education and e-learning

Awareness: “benefits of online learning”
Interest: “online course advantages”
Consideration: “compare online courses”
Conversion: “enroll in [course name] online”

Elder home care

Awareness: “parent diagnosed with dementia”
Interest: “home care services for seniors in [city]”
Consideration: “home care rates comparison in [city]”
Conversion: “inquire about elder home care services with [provider]”


Awareness: “latest tech gadgets 2023”
Interest: “gadget reviews and recommendations”
Consideration: “buy tech gadgets online from [store]”
Conversion: “purchase [gadget] from [store]”

Entertainment and media

Awareness: “upcoming movie releases”
Interest: “movie and TV show recommendations”
Consideration: “subscribe to [streaming service]”
Conversion: “watch [movie/show] online”

Environmental consulting

Awareness: “Environmental impact assessments for construction projects”
Interest: “Top environmental consulting firms in [City]”
Consideration: “Comparing environmental consulting fees at [Consulting Firm] vs. [Competitor]”
Conversion: “Request an environmental assessment from [Consulting Firm]”

Event planning

Awareness: “corporate event ideas”
Interest: “why hire an event planner”
Consideration: “event planner pricing in [city]”
Conversion: “book event planner”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for eye clinic

Eye clinic

Awareness: “how to read in low light”
Interest: “eye clinics in [city] for comprehensive eye exams”
Consideration: “eye exam costs at [clinic] vs. [competitor]”
Conversion: “book an eye exam appointment at [clinic]”

Fashion and apparel

Awareness: “luxury fashion trends”
Interest: “high-end fashion brands”
Consideration: “compare [brand] vs [brand] clothing”
Conversion: “buy [clothing item] from [brand]”

Fencing company

Awareness: “repair wood rot on fence”
Interest: “privacy fence gallery”
Consideration: “fence installation costs comparison”
Conversion: “get a quote for fence installation from [fencing company]”

Film production

Awareness: “independent film releases”
Interest: “indie vs. blockbuster films”
Consideration: “watch indie films by [production company]”
Conversion: “buy or rent [indie film] online”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for finance & banking

Finance and banking

Awareness: “financial planning tips”
Interest: “online banking advantages”
Consideration: “compare online banks”
Conversion: “open online bank account”

Financial advisor

Awareness: “investment strategies for beginners”
Interest: “financial advisor vs. self-investment”
Consideration: “hire financial advisor in [city]”
Conversion: “request financial planning services”

Fitness and wellness

Awareness: “benefits of yoga and fitness”
Interest: “yoga vs. Pilates”
Consideration: “find yoga studios near me”
Conversion: “sign up for yoga class [city]”

Food and beverage

Awareness: “food trends 2023”
Interest: “culinary experiences in [city]”
Consideration: “restaurant reviews in [city]”
Conversion: “reserve table at [restaurant]”


Awareness: “Sustainable forestry practices and timber harvesting”
Interest: “Top timber companies for quality wood products”
Consideration: “Timber pricing at [Timber Company] vs. [Competitor]”
Conversion: “Order timber products from [Timber Company]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for furniture store

Furniture store

Awareness: “best furniture for apartment”
Interest: “sectional sofa layouts”
Consideration: “leather vs. fabric couch materials”
Conversion: “buy reclining sectional couch”


Awareness: “upcoming video game releases”
Interest: “gameplay tips for [game title]”
Consideration: “learn about [game studio] games”
Conversion: “buy online”


Awareness: “organic gardening tips”
Interest: “benefits of eco-friendly gardening”
Consideration: “buy organic gardening supplies online from [store]”
Conversion: “purchase gardening tools from [store]”

Hair salon/barber

Awareness: “haircare tips for healthy hair”
Interest: “hair salons/barbershops for trendy hairstyles in [city]”
Consideration: “haircut and styling prices at [salon] vs. [competitor]”
Conversion: “book a hair appointment at [salon/barber]”


Awareness: “health tips and advice”
Interest: “telemedicine benefits”
Consideration: “telemedicine vs in-person doctor visits”
Conversion: “schedule online doctor appointment”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for hearing clinic

Hearing clinic

Awareness: “ringing sound in left ear”
Interest: “hearing clinics in [city] for hearing evaluations”
Consideration: “hearing test costs at [clinic] vs. [competitor]”
Conversion: “schedule a hearing evaluation at [clinic]”

Heavy industry

Awareness: “Steel production and its role in heavy industry”
Interest: “Leading steel manufacturing companies in [Country]”
Consideration: “Steel pricing at [Steel Company] vs. [Competitor]”
Conversion: “Request a quote for steel products from [Steel Company]”

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Holistic health

Awareness: “holistic health benefits”
Interest: “acupuncture vs. chiropractic care”
Consideration: “holistic health centers near me”
Conversion: “book holistic health consultation”

Home decor

Awareness: “interior design trends 2023”
Interest: “decorating tips for small spaces”
Consideration: “shop home decor online”
Conversion: “purchase [decor item] from [store]”

Home improvement and DIY

Awareness: “home renovation ideas”
Interest: “DIY home improvement projects”
Consideration: “home improvement stores in [city]”
Conversion: “buy [home improvement product] online”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for home security

Home security

Awareness: “concerns about home security and break-ins”
Interest: “home security companies in [City] for peace of mind”
Consideration: “home security system cost comparison”
Conversion: “install a home security system with [Security Company]”


Awareness: “luxury travel destinations”
Interest: “choosing hotels for vacations”
Consideration: “book luxury hotel rooms in [destination]”
Conversion: “reserve a room at [luxury hotel]”

Human Resources

Awareness: “HR trends in [industry]”
Interest: “benefits of HR consulting”
Consideration: “compare HR consulting firms”
Conversion: “request HR consulting services”

Industrial manufacturing

Awareness: “Introduction to machine tools in manufacturing”
Interest: “Top machine tool manufacturers in [Country]”
Consideration: “Machine tool prices at [Manufacturer] vs. [Competitor]”
Conversion: “Request a quote for machine tools from [Manufacturer]”


Awareness: “Tips for new car owners”
Interest: “Insurance coverage in [city]”
Consideration: “Comparing insurance quotes from [Brokerage] vs. [Competitor]”
Conversion: “Request an insurance quote from [Brokerage]”

Interior design

Awareness: “interior design trends for homes”
Interest: “benefits of professional interior design”
Consideration: “hire interior designer in [city]”
Conversion: “schedule interior design consultation”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for IT consulting

IT consulting

Awareness: “IT trends for businesses”
Interest: “importance of IT consulting”
Consideration: “compare IT consulting firms”
Conversion: “request IT consultation for [business]”


Awareness: “handmade jewellery trends”
Interest: “crafting handmade jewellery vs. buying”
Consideration: “shop handmade jewellery online”
Conversion: “buy gold necklace”

Juice Bar

Awareness: “benefits of organic juices”
Interest: “cold-pressed juice vs. regular juice”
Consideration: “find organic juice bars near me”
Conversion: “order organic juice cleanse”

Language learning

Awareness: “benefits of learning a new language”
Interest: “language learning apps comparison”
Consideration: “download [language app] for learning”
Conversion: “subscribe to [language app] premium”

Lawn care

Awareness: “how to fix dead patch of grass”
Interest: “landscaping companies in [city] for garden design”
Consideration: “landscaping project cost estimates in [city]”
Conversion: “get a free quote”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for legal services

Legal services

Awareness: “intellectual property rights”
Interest: “importance of IP protection for businesses”
Consideration: “find IP lawyers in [city]”
Conversion: “consult with [IP law firm] attorney”

Live music venue

Awareness: “upcoming live music events”
Interest: “live music genres and artists”
Consideration: “attend live music shows in [city]”
Conversion: “buy tickets for [concert] at [venue]”


Awareness: “chipped masonry on home”
Interest: “masonry companies in [city] for brickwork”
Consideration: “masonry project cost estimates in [city]”
Conversion: “get a quote for masonry work from [company]”

Meal delivery

Awareness: “food subscription box trends”
Interest: “convenience of food subscriptions”
Consideration: “subscribe to [food box service]”
Conversion: “order [meal kit] from [service]”

MMA gym

Awareness: “MMA fitness benefits”
Interest: “MMA vs. traditional martial arts”
Consideration: “MMA gyms in [city]”
Conversion: “sign up for MMA classes at [gym]”

Mobile gaming

Awareness: “latest mobile game releases”
Interest: “casual mobile games vs. action games”
Consideration: “download mobile games from [studio]”
Conversion: “purchase in-game items for [mobile game]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for mortgage lending

Mortgage lending

Awareness: “mortgage rates 2023”
Interest: “online mortgage approval process”
Consideration: “compare online mortgage lenders”
Conversion: “apply for a mortgage online with [lender]”

Moving company

Awareness: “moving tips”
Interest: “moving companies in [city] with packing services”
Consideration: “moving company rates in [city]”
Conversion: “book a move with [moving company]”

Music education

Education and E-learning (Sample: Online Music School):
Awareness: “music education benefits”
Interest: “learn an instrument vs. singing lessons”
Consideration: “online music schools and courses”
Conversion: “enroll in [music course] online”

New home construction

Awareness: “home buyer grants in Canada”
Interest: “new home construction benefits vs. resale homes”
Consideration: “Mattamy vs. Minto reviews”
Conversion: “Schedule a tour”

Non-profit and charities

Awareness: “causes to support”
Interest: “impact of environmental conservation”
Consideration: “volunteer opportunities for [cause]”
Conversion: “donate to [charity name]”

Outdoor adventure

Awareness: “adventure travel destinations 2023”
Interest: “outdoor adventure activities”
Consideration: “book adventure tours in [destination]”
Conversion: “reserve spot on [outdoor adventure tour]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for pest control

Pest control

Awareness: “how to get rid of ants in the kitchen”
Interest: “professional pest control for ant infestations in [City]”
Consideration: “pest control service rates comparison”
Conversion: “request ant extermination from [Pest Control Company]”

Pet care and supplies

Awareness: “pet care tips and advice”
Interest: “healthy pet food options”
Consideration: “compare pet food brands”
Conversion: “buy pet supplies online”


Awareness: “how to treat knee pain”
Interest: “physiotherapy clinics in [city] for sports injuries”
Consideration: “physiotherapy session fees at [clinic] vs. [competitor]”
Conversion: “schedule a physiotherapy session with [clinic]”

Plumbing services

Awareness: “leaky faucet in the kitchen”
Interest: “local plumbers for faucet repair in [City]”
Consideration: “plumbing service cost comparison”
Conversion: “schedule a faucet repair with [Plumbing Company]”

Private school

Awareness: “private education advantages for students”
Interest: “private schools in [city] with strong academic programs”
Consideration: “private school tuition fees at [school] vs. [competitor]”
Conversion: “inquire about admissions at [private school]”


Awareness: “steps to publishing a book for aspiring authors”
Interest: “book publishing companies for new authors”
Consideration: “book publishing package cost comparison”
Conversion: “request a quote”

Real estate

Awareness: “real estate market trends”
Interest: “home buying tips”
Consideration: “homes for sale in [city]”
Conversion: “contact real estate agent [city]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for roofing contractor

Roofing contractor

Awareness: “best roof for home value”
Interest: “roofing contractors in [city] for roof repairs”
Consideration: “roofing project cost estimates in [city]”
Conversion: “request a roofing project quote from [contractor]”


Awareness: “organic skincare benefits”
Interest: “natural vs. synthetic skincare products”
Consideration: “buy organic skincare products from [boutique]”
Conversion: “purchase [skincare product] from [boutique]”

Smart home

Awareness: “smart home trends 2023”
Interest: “benefits of home automation”
Consideration: “smart home technology installation services”
Conversion: “request a quote for [smart home setup]”

Science & research

Awareness: “latest scientific discoveries”
Interest: “importance of scientific research”
Consideration: “collaborate with [research institution]”
Conversion: “engage in research project with [institution]”

Skin clinic

Awareness: “how to deal with spider veins”
Interest: “skin clinics in [city] for spider vein treatments”
Consideration: “skincare treatment prices at [clinic] vs. [competitor]”
Conversion: “schedule a skincare treatment at [clinic]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for software & saas

Software & SaaS

Awareness: “manage PTO”
Interest: “advantages of HR software solutions”
Consideration: “Bamboo vs. Workday”
Conversion: “request a demo of [HR software]”


Awareness: “how to save money on electricity”
Interest: “benefits of solar energy for homeowners”
Consideration: “cost of solar panel systems at [Solar Company] vs. [Competitor]”
Conversion: “request an installation quote”

Sports and fitness

Awareness: “sports news and updates”
Interest: “benefits of team sports”
Consideration: “join sports club [city]”
Conversion: “sign up for [sports club/fitness class]”

Sustainable fashion

Awareness: “sustainable fashion movement”
Interest: “ethical fashion brands”
Consideration: “shop sustainable clothing online”
Conversion: “purchase eco-friendly [clothing item]”


Awareness: “how to hem dress pants at home”
Interest: “DIY vs. tailor for clothing alterations”
Consideration: “tailor cost in [City] for suit alterations”
Conversion: “schedule a fitting with [Tailor] in [City]”

Technology and software

Awareness: “latest tech news”
Interest: “benefits of [software product]”
Consideration: “compare [software product] vs [competitor]”
Conversion: “download [software product] trial”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for telemedicine


Awareness: “mental health awareness”
Interest: “benefits of online therapy”
Consideration: “telepsychiatry services near me”
Conversion: “schedule online therapy session”

Transportation & logistics

Awareness: “logistics and supply chain trends”
Interest: “importance of efficient freight shipping”
Consideration: “compare freight shipping companies”

Travel and tourism

Awareness: “top travel destinations 2023”
Interest: “vacation planning tips”
Consideration: “compare vacation packages”
Conversion: “book vacation package to [destination]”

Vacation Rentals

Awareness: “luxury vacation homes for rent”
Interest: “vacation rental vs. hotel stay”
Consideration: “luxury vacation rentals in [destination]”
Conversion: “book luxury vacation home in [location]”


Awareness: “self-care practices for well-being”
Interest: “wellness retreats vs. solo self-care”
Consideration: “find wellness retreats in [region]”
Conversion: “book a wellness retreat at [center]”

Graphic representing buyer's journey (customer funnel) for window & Door manufacturer

Window & Door Manufacturer

Awareness: “cold draft in winter”
Interest: “energy-efficient windows and doors benefits”
Consideration: “comparing window and door prices”
Conversion: “request a quote for window and door installation”

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