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5 Reasons Your Company Should Have A Link Building Strategy

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Graphic of web domain with a chain link next to it showing A Link Building Strategy
Graphic of web domain with a chain link next to it showing A Link Building Strategy

In our digital world, brands need to make themselves as easy to find online as possible. Link building is a way to spread your brand awareness online, both by exposing your brand to a wider audience and also by spreading awareness (signals) for your brand among search engine bots. Below are a just few key reasons your company should be investing in a focused link building strategy.

Improve website authority and SEO

Building up your backlink profile can have a drastic positive impact on your SEO efforts. By having high-authority websites link back to your website, your site becomes more trusted by association. These links signal to search engines that you are a valid entity with something relevant and valuable to say, and thus something genuinely helpful to offer search engine users. This helps improve the authority of your website and contributes to improvements in your rankings.

Augment content marketing efforts

Link building efforts can be a mutually beneficial digital marketing opportunity. For example, if you create a helpful, informative infographic, why not conduct outreach to other blogs in your niche to see if they would like to include it on their blog with a link to your site? Not only did this earn you a powerful backlink, but the other website gains a great piece of content to attract visitors to their site. Win-win!

Boost brand awareness

The more you can expose your brand, the better. And while traditional advertising has its place, it can also get pricey and offers low measurable ROI. Link building efforts provide a way that you can secure earned brand exposure through PR and community building. Link building is also a favoured marketing tactic for many organizations as it offers tangible ways to measure the effectiveness and ROI of your efforts, through analyzing your traffic referrals and tracking custom URLs and tracking codes to monitor your campaigns.

Referral traffic: attract new visitors

Through online PR and link building efforts you are exposing new audiences to your brand. When your brand is mentioned and linked in online articles, blogs, social media posts, or other PR placements, you are increasing the chances of referral traffic to your site. This could open up a new audience of engaged followers you haven’t yet been able to reach!

Set yourself up for long-term SEO success

Though the importance of backlinks for SEO has been the topic of much deliberation over past years, Google has confirmed that backlinks continue to be one of the top 3 ranking factors on the search engine, and you can bet links are going to continue to be an important factor in your rankings. While link building before 2012 was more about quantity of links over the quality of links, the game has changed. Invest time in gaining good quality links for sustained success into the future.

There are many strategies to get backlinks. Sit down with your team and look at the different ways you could integrate more link building into your marketing efforts. It can be as simple as reaching out to your partners for a link exchange, or submitting a guest post to an online trade publication. With backlinks strengthening the foothold of your site, you are better grounded to skyrocket up the rankings!

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The award-winning seoplus+ expert team includes digital marketing specialists and business advisors with a combined experience of over 75 years. Since 2012, seoplus+ has provided demand generation and business growth services to companies ranking from SMBs to multinational enterprises. Our team's rich and diverse backgrounds range from SEO, PPC, social media, content creation, digital PR, UX design, web development, and ecommerce, to customer success, lead generation, and growth strategy. seoplus+ is also an SEMrush Agency Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Shopify Partner.

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