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The New Look of Twitter


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The New Look of Twitter Twitter has recently rolled out its redesigned look, and it’s very similar to something we all know and love – Facebook. Although some people may love the new look, hate it, or love to hate it, the new look is much more user friendly. With more utilization of the page, larger photos, and new features for tweets, you’ll grow to love the new Twitter.

Profile & Cover Photos

One of the biggest differences visually is the larger photos. Much like Facebook, Twitter has now introduced a larger cover photo with the size of 1500 x 500 pixels; however you will only notice a big difference on your profile page. If you’ve previously had a cover photo you may want to remove it and post a new one as the old size of 1252 x 626 pixels will be extremely stretched.

The profile image has also increased, however your current or previous photo should suffice as the size has not increased drastically enough to decrease the quality. (Image A)

new look of twitter


Filtered Tweets

Filtered Tweets The profile page has become much more user friendly as it now features more filters. Under your cover photo you can still view your tweet count, followers, and those who you are following. New filters include viewing tweets with photos or videos, plain tweets or tweets with replies. All of these filters now make it much easier to go back and search tweets. (Image B)

Tweets in Bold

You may notice some of your tweets on your profile page are larger and are featured in bold. These tweets show a history more engagement than others. Essentially this means if someone has retweeted your tweet or marked as a favourite, it will now show up in bold, limiting the amount of white space on the page. (Image C)

Pinned Tweets

Another new Twitter feature is pinned tweets; now don’t get confused as this has absolutely nothing to do with Pinterest. Pinned tweets will stay at the top of your profile page, providing your followers and potential followers with an outlook into what your Twitter account is all about. Fortunately you get to choose which tweet gets pinned, so whether you want it to be something funny, or sarcastic you decide. To pin a tweet is fairly simple as all you need to do is select a tweet, select the ellipsis and click pin to your profile page. (Image D)
What do you think of the new Twitter?


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