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3 Things Facebook Insights Can Teach You

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Graphic of the corner of a computer monitor that has Facebook insights written on the page.
Graphic of the corner of a computer monitor that has Facebook insights written on the page.

If you run a Facebook account for your business, Facebook Insights should be your best friend. This handy tool allows you to analyze and learn loads about the demographics of your page, and how well your posts are performing.

A solid understand of your page demographics will allow you to post valuable content for your audience, at a time when they’re active on Facebook. Understanding and using Facebook Insights regularly will allow you to make the most out of your social media. Below you will find three of the most important things Facebook Insights can teach you about your business!

1. When people are visiting your page

When it comes to posting content on your Facebook page, knowing when your fans are using Facebook can help you achieve the highest reach possible for your posts. With Facebook Insights, you can see the number of fans that use Facebook on a certain day, and at a certain time. Using this information, you can make important posts to the page at a time that your audience is active to increase the chance of post engagement and reach.

From the data below, we can see that more fans are active on Wednesday, and at 7pm. By posting around this time we are increasing the likelihood of the post being seen. For this page, there is little difference in the number of active fans from 10am – 9pm, however this can vary depending on the target audience and should always be considered when creating content.

2. The demographic of your page

Knowing and understanding the demographic of your Facebook page is one of the most important things. The more you know your target audience, the easier it will be to create content that is relevant to them. With Facebook Insights, you can see the age, and gender of the people who like your page. This insight will also allow you to see if your Facebook page is reaching your intended target demographic.

Within this section of Facebook Insights, you can see data from your fans, people reached and people engaged. Your fans will show the age and gender demographics of the people who currently like your page. The “people reached” section will show information from the people who have been exposed to your posts within the last 28 days. The final section, “People Engaged” shows the demographics of those who interacted (liked, commented, or shared) with your posts within the last 28 days. The people who engage with your page can vary from those who like your page.

From the image below, we can see that 94% of page likes are from men, while only 6% are women. In terms of age range, the people who like this page are for the most part 35-53 years old. For a page with demographics like this, posts geared towards men will perform better.

3. Which posts are performing better

Facebook Insights allow you to clearly examine how well your posts are doing. You can see how many people your posts have reached, and how many people engage with the post. The blue bar represents how many post clicks were received, and the pink bar shows how many people commented, reacted, or shared the post.

Blindly posting will get your page nowhere. Trying new types of posts is great, but only if you’re going to analyze how well it performed after the fact. If you notice that a post is well perceived by your audience, replicating that will more than likely result in a successful post. On the reverse side, if you try something new and get little to no engagement from it, you know it wasn’t interesting to your fans.

At the top right corner of “All Published Posts” you will see an arrow that lets you choose several options such as “Engagement Rate”, and “Post Hides”. Engagement rate allows you to see the percent of followers that engaged with your post. This is the easiest way to see which posts are performing the best. Post hides will show you how much negative feedback a certain post received. If a post receives a lot of negative feedback, this post may not be well perceived by your audience.

If you’re not already using Facebook Insights to improve your Facebook page, it’s time to start! Your audience will thank you for posting content that they don’t need to scroll past. If you require more information on how to increase your page engagement, or outshine your competitor’s social media, get in touch with our digital marketing specialists. We’re always happy to help, and love seeing results as much as you do.

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Alexa Rees

Alexa Rees is the Senior SEO Strategist at seoplus+. Since 2016, she has been a dedicated member of the SEO team. Alexa has helped countless companies, ranging from e-commerce stores to international and small local businesses, to improve their online presence and generate sales through SEO.

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