SEO Glossary: Orphan Pages

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SEO Glossary: orphan page
SEO Glossary: orphan page

Imagine a vast subway network connecting different parts of a city. Each station has clear signage and connects to other lines, making navigation easy. Now imagine a hidden station on the map, but with no entrance or exit points leading to the platform. This hidden station is like an orphan page. It exists and might have great value, but there are no internal links that allow users or search engines to “enter” and access the content.

What are orphan pages?

In the world of websites, an orphan page exists when there is no clear pathway leading to it through internal links from other pages of the site. These pages are like isolated islands, disconnected from the rest of the site’s structure. They can still be accessed directly through a URL or from external links, but they do not appear in the natural browsing flow of the site.

Why are orphan pages bad for SEO?

Orphan pages pose several issues for both SEO and user experience:

  1. Underutilized content: Even if the content is high-quality, it won’t contribute to your SEO if search engines have a hard time finding it. Without internal links, these pages are less likely to be crawled and indexed.
  2. Diluted site authority: A well-structured website channels authority through its internal links. Orphan pages miss out on this benefit, failing to gain the SEO value that linked pages share.
  3. Poor user experience: If visitors can’t find content organically through your website’s navigation, they might miss out on valuable information, leading to a less satisfying experience.

Why are orphan pages bad for users?

From a user’s perspective, orphan pages can be frustrating and contribute to a disjointed experience:

  1. Inaccessible content: Users may never find these pages through the website’s navigation, potentially missing out on useful information.
  2. Confusing navigation: If users stumble upon an orphan page via search engines or external links, they might find it difficult to locate related content or even return to the page later.

Fixing orphan pages and enhancing your website’s structure

Addressing orphan pages enhances both SEO and user experience:

  1. Map your site’s structure: Use tools to generate a visual map of your website to identify and connect orphan pages.
  2. Integrate orphan pages: Incorporate relevant internal links from and to these pages, ensuring they are part of the site’s broader content strategy.
  3. Review and adjust content: Sometimes, it’s best to remove or merge orphan pages if they no longer serve a valuable purpose.

By integrating orphan pages into your website’s structure, you can ensure that all content serves its purpose, improves SEO performance, and provides a better experience for visitors. Think of your website as a network of roads in a city; every page should be accessible through a well-planned infrastructure, ensuring no destination is left out of reach.

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