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Graphic of a large opened book with three character in front of it. One on a ladder, one holding books and one holding a magnifying glass.
Graphic of a large opened book with three character in front of it. One on a ladder, one holding books and one holding a magnifying glass.

I can’t believe I have been working at seoplus+ for three years now. Time flies when you work in a great company in a fast-paced environment. I first joined the company as a co-op student back in 2019 as a Digital Marketing Specialist, then became a Social Media Specialist/Digital PR specialist in 2020. I was promoted to Digital PR Coordinator in 2021, and shortly after to Digital PR/Social Media Team Lead. Through these lenses, I have gotten to experience all of the moving pieces in both of these departments, and it has been a fun ride! Here are three impactful lessons I learned over the past three years. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

Yes, I know this saying may seem repetitive, but for a good reason. Teamwork makes the dream work; this is a fact, not fiction. It is essential to learn from your colleagues because let’s face it, we don’t know everything, and we can’t tackle everything. Therefore, you need to delegate and lean on your colleagues for help. With varying degrees of workload and experience, it is always best to reach out, ask for help or review, and you will notice that the quality of your work will improve tenfold with different perspectives and approaches. 

Another layer to this is the importance of understanding your team, their passions, strengths, and weaknesses. You want your team to be motivated and feel fulfilled by the tasks they are completing to benefit your department and the company. It is essential to foster open communication, trust, and vulnerability within your team. Promoting these elements is not only an individualistic benefit but a collective aid in holding your team accountable, increasing productivity and overall team effectiveness. This ties into our values here at seoplus+ for accountability, collaboration and transparency. 

Inspire your colleagues to share their opinions!

I have been dedicating the last year to inspiring myself, my team, and my colleagues to voice their opinions in areas that can be improved or changed. At the end of the day, we can’t read each other’s minds, so we can only enact change by voicing our opinions and brainstorming the best suitable solutions. 

Since starting as a team lead last year, there were various gaps that I came across in both the social and digital PR departments. There was so much room for improvement from external-facing to internal-facing items that would take the departments to the next level. However, I knew that without voicing my suggestions to management, the new changes in the department would not have come to fruition. 

I know it’s scary to voice your opinions, but your voice, ideas, suggestions, and perspective matter – reach out to your team members to brainstorm, and they will listen; you got this, one idea at a time! 

Company culture is everything

Work is a massive part of our lives, so finding a company that prioritizes company culture is everything. Work is not all about clients, projects, and tasks (of course, that is a huge part), but it is essential to chat about your personal lives because, guess what, we are all human. Of course, cooler talk might look a little different these days with our transition to work from anywhere policy, but be sure to utilize the communication tools at your disposal and reach out to your colleagues to chat, and if you can, book some time out of the office to discuss further! 

seoplus+ is huge on gratitude, training, and social events. These aspects will help you get to know your team, relate to them, share your accomplishments, increase your knowledge/expertise and improve your overall well-being as an employee. From sharing gratitude on our #kudos channel on Slack to our virtual scrum to weekly 1-on-1s to our monthly newsletter to our $500 training credit, and #TrainingThursdays to our leadership and department retreats with a bonus lunch included 😉 from our monthly social events to yearly – these all make up unique ways of the importance of working with a company with a strong culture. 

If these lessons have inspired you to join a team of world-class digital marketers at one of Canada’s top SEO agencies who aim to make life better each and every day for our clients, ourselves and each other, check out our careers page, apply today, and I can’t wait to hear about your first lesson! 

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Catherine Hansen

Catherine Hansen is the Digital PR Team Lead at seoplus+. She has worked at seoplus+ since 2019 in the Digital PR and Social Media departments. Catherine is very passionate about empowering her team and helping clients land PR placements and be recognized as trusted thought leaders. Catherine and her team have achieved notable placements in Forbes, Globe and Mail, Reader's Digest, New York Times, and Business Insider +!

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