Infographic: How to Increase Visibility & Improve Your SEO


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The process of link building requires finesse, wit, and talent. Adding links to a blog post all willy-nilly in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will click over to your site is so 2008. Search engine optimization is a bit more sophisticated than that now. Link building is a crucial way to increase your visibility and broaden your reach, but these days, it’s all about relevance and expertise. Any time you share a link to your site, service, or product, make sure it’s embedded within engaging content.
Creating something interesting, thought-provoking, emotional, or funny to share is the key. Other bloggers will want you to guest post on their sites if you bring enjoyable content to their existing audience. Besides that, people who are bored to tears by the article or blog posts containing your links aren’t going to click. Why would they want to subject themselves to dull material? That’s harsh, but you need to hear it. Don’t bore your audience. Don’t bore your potential target, either.
It’s not necessary to restrict yourself to written content, not even for the purpose of link building. There are other ways to work your link into your content. Consider shopping around an infographic instead of an article. You’ll have bloggers fighting over the bait. Videos, listicles, and photo collages are all examples with viral marketing potential. You can still share valuable, relevant content, but you’re presenting it in an unexpected way.
Guest blogging is an excellent way to piggyback on someone’s audience, but remember that you’re only as interesting as the content you create.  Check out the following infographic for a wealth of information about link building, outreach, and brand recognition in today’s SEO world.
Infographic: How to Increase Visibility & Improve Your SEO

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