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Cara Corbett
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seoplus+ employee working on laptop in office
seoplus+ employee working on laptop in office

While I was in college and university, I had heard horror stories about what it’s like to work in an agency.

I was told it would be stressful and demanding, and that I should expect to work overtime and weekends without pay. Well, there’s a reason that one of the seoplus+ slogans is “not your typical agency.”

I’ve been working at seoplus+ since January 2019 (with a small 8 month hiatus to live in France), and I’m happy to report that my agency experience has been the opposite of what I had been told to expect.

Everything from the company culture, to the leadership, to my amazing colleagues has given me an incredible experience, and constantly makes me feel proud and grateful to work here.
If you’ve ever wondered “what’s it like to work at seoplus+?”, I encourage you to read on to see why I believe it is one of the greatest places to work.

Optimal working environment(s)

Since the dawn of the pandemic, most businesses were forced to shift in some way, and seoplus+ was no exception. Over the last year, we have adopted a Work From Anywhere policy, which allows employees to work remotely in any location in Canada that allows them to do their best work.

Whether it’s our bright, top-floor office right on Preston Street, at home, or a local coffee shop, employees can choose their location as long as it has good internet connection and is on Eastern Standard Time. If employees work from home, management will provide them with everything they need to be productive and comfortable, including additional monitors and ergonomic chairs.

If employees choose to come into the office, they can help themselves to many of the free drinks and snacks that management provides for them – but don’t touch the chocolate milk if you want to be in Austin’s good books. Kidding (kind of).
seoplus+ employee smiling and wearing seoplus+ sweater

Ample opportunities to improve your skills and work with exciting clients

One of the most amazing things about this job is that there is so much opportunity for growth. At seoplus+ employees get to work on exciting projects for clients in every type of industry, allowing them to wear multiple hats and try out new tactics. Additionally, employees aren’t limited to their initial role. For instance, I started as a digital marketing specialist, later moved into the role as a digital PR specialist, and I’m currently an account coordinator, where I get to see a fuller picture of the agency’s operation from production to client.
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I’m not the only person here who has dipped their toes in several departments, because the management really wants employees to excel and be happy in their positions. The cherry on top of the agency cake is the annual training credit. All employees are given $500 annually for them to spend how they please on training and developing their skills. This can be anything from online courses to even digital marketing conferences.

Management cares

I mentioned before that management really wants employees to excel mentally and physically in their roles, and this is not only evident in the flexibility of the workplace and roles, but also the mechanisms they have put in place for their employees.

seoplus+ has an incredible benefits package for all employees that gives amazing coverage on things like dental, massages, psychotherapy, and optometry. Moreover, management is constantly trying to improve and make life better for their employees.

Transparency is one of our core values — they have an open door policy and encourage everyone to come to them with feedback. In addition to the open communication, they send out satisfaction surveys and have 1 on 1s with employees quarterly. Finally, over the last year, management has adopted several new softwares, like Wrike, PandaDocs, and BambooHR to improve efficiency, feedback, and ease of work.

Fun culture

Would it really be a great workplace without a great culture? Another one of our core values is “Fun”, and seoplus+ definitely doesn’t fall short in this department. Every month, management does some sort of social event with the entire team. We’ve done everything from golf days to escape rooms to archery tag. And if that’s not enough, there is the Halloween party and Christmas party to look forward to every single year. You can definitely expect to see more old fashioned cocktails consumed in a single night than you ever have in your entire life at these events.
seoplus+ team at archery tag
seoplus+ paid ads team at golf tournament

Incredible team

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive from our clients is that they love our people.

At seoplus+ we have a team of over 40+ talented individuals who each bring their own experience, skillsets, and quirks. Each department is stacked with SEO specialists, paid ads specialists, digital PR specialists, content writers, graphic designers, and web developers who all work super closely together to achieve great cross-campaign results for clients.

As one Glassdoor review puts it, these are the kind of people “you’d want to be paired with for group projects.”
seoplus+ team with awards
In summary, life at seoplus+ is pretty great, and we’re always searching for dedicated talent to join our ever-growing team. Are you searching for an awesome career at one of the best digital marketing agencies – or might I say, employers – in Canada? Check out our open positions on our LinkedIn or our careers page!

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Cara Corbett

After completing her joint Honours Bachelor of Public Relations at the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College, Cara began working at seoplus+ as a digital PR specialist in January 2019. After an 8 month hiatus in France, she returned to the agency to work closely alongside Derek Cosgrove as an account coordinator.

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