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Glossary of Search Engine Optimization Terms

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<A> Defines a link or an anchor in HTML. 'HREF' is an attribute containing the URL of the linked resource within <A></A> tag.
alt In HTML the 'alt' attribute refers to the alternative text to display.


benefit Marketing term that denotes how a product or service improves the buyers life...see also features...
blacklisted In SEO terms refers to being banned from submitting to a particular search engine.
browser See web browser...


cloaking A script placed on a site's server that recognizes by IP address whether a visitor is human or a search engine's spider. If the visitor is determined to be a spider then a page is served up or fed to that spider. The page has been optimized to score high for that particular engines algorithm or ranking structure. If the visitor is not identified as a spider a different page is served up that is designed to satisfy a human visitor.
content The text portion of a web page.
copy A term used in sales to refer to the content of an advertisement.
copywriting The act of producing sales or advertising copy.
copywriter A person who produces sales copy.
CPC Cost Per Click...amount paid each time a person clicks on an advertisement that links to a web page.
CPM Cost per one thousand impressions...or the number of times an advertisement is displayed or viewed.
crawler The software program used by a crawling or spidering search engine to find and add pages to its database...see also spider, robot...


density Refers to number of keywords on a page compared to the total number of words - expressed as a percent.
domain name Name chosen by a site owner to be used as the URL or web page address instead of the numeric IP assigned by the domain name registrar.


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