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Free Search Engine Submission Guide

Bookmark or add this page to your Favorites - up-to-date free search engine submit, free url listing and free search engine registration info.

Despite what people would have you believe, there are not thousands of search engines - at least not thousands that are worth submitting your pages to. There are roughly 100 search engines that get significant traffic. The handful of search engines and directories listed below attract the vast majority of search engine visitors.

Of these, only a handful still allow you to add or submit your web site URL's for Free.

I created this free search engine submission quick link guide to make it easier for you to stay up to date on changes in submission policy at each major search engine and directory with very little effort. Simply Bookmark this page and use it each time you need to add or submit your URL's.

Click on the links below for submission information and to add or submit your web site URL.

Major Search Engines & Directories:

Free search engine submission has changed drastically over the last year. The upshot of the most recent upheaval means that about 90% of all results are provided by only one or two engines.

Want a BIG HINT???

Concentrate your efforts on Google and Inktomi and you won't go far wrong and hey the free search engine submit to these two databases is still actually Free!

Here's another tip for you - although you can add url's for free at Inktomi - you can save loads of time by paying for inclusion. They guarantee to re-spider your pages every 48 hours making tweaking your pages to get even better rankings a breeze ).

Enjoy your Free Search Engine Submission Guide. Email if you have any questions.