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Infographic: How to Determine the Right Type of Influencer for your Marketing Campaign


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There’s something about a personal recommendation that really makes consumers feel confident when making a purchase. Whether it’s a well-written review on Amazon or the fact that a film won Best Picture, we take comfort in knowing that a product or service is highly recommended. This is especially true when we know and/or trust the person making the recommendation. Influencer marketing was created to capitalize on this. It’s a major content strategy for 2017 — and it will likely remain that way in the future.
Are you interested in joining this trend or looking for ways to overcome obstacles in your current strategy? Start by considering whether you’re working with the right type of content influencer. There are three options: Aspirational influencers (celebrities), authoritative influencers (thought-leaders), and peer influencers (mentors and colleagues). Each has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, so there’s much more to consider when reaching out to influencers than sheer popularity. Factors like their influence over your target audience, how closely their work aligns with yours, and even how SEO-optimized their content is must be cautiously weighed.
Moving forward with an influencer marketing strategy or a revision if you already have one in place is a serious investment that must be carefully considered. Selecting the right type of influencer is challenging, but there’s much more to calculate. Will the relationship generate the exposure and traffic you need? Or is it perhaps time to drop an influencer? Consider these questions and continue your research with this infographic from CopyPress and Intellifluence, which includes more tips and best practices to optimize your influencer marketing campaign.
Infographic: How to Determine the Right Type of Influencer for your Marketing Campaign


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