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Have you defined your small business’s brand? Of course, you know what you sell and who your customers are, but how far beyond that have you gone? A cohesive brand is important both in and out of the office; successful advertising and marketing depend on your brand identity. A great place to start is a style guide. Office style guides give details on internal consistency with documents and procedures, but they do so much more. Craft a style guide that defines your brand for better communication with employees, vendors, and customers.
Your style guide must encompass your brand identity. That refers to the tone you take in your ads, the colours you use in your logo, your target audience, and even qualities as nebulous as your overall ambience. Don’t be afraid of being specific, because the better your brand definition is, the easier it becomes for customers to recognize you. Your advertising becomes more targeted, and employees are better able to represent your brand in every aspect of their work. Plus, new employees have an easier time discerning what your small business is all about.
Some small business owners avoid a style guide because it takes work to design a good one, and because they don’t see a specific ROI coming from the style guide. Don’t fall into that trap. Copypress has more great information on why your business  — no matter its size — needs a style guide. Their helpful infographic, which you’ll find below, also offers tips on how to create a stellar style guide for your brand.
Infographic: Style Guide


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