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Content marketing is a big topic for businesses in every industry, but not all companies know how to properly use this type of campaign. There are many distinct challenges you’ll find in the content marketing sphere, from high levels of consumer disengagement to an overall air of skepticism about anything that’s published on the internet. Adobe recently revealed that 89 percent of digital device users will stop viewing content on a particular device or abandon it altogether when it doesn’t meet their expectations. Less than a quarter will trust content from a company where they don’t shop.
In the face of such savvy consumers, it’s important to have a clear strategy and an achievable goal for your content marketing. However, this isn’t the case for many companies. The Content Marketing Institute indicates that 55 percent of B2B marketers are unclear about what effectiveness or success looks like. Without a clear image of what you’re working toward, it’s impossible to get results that meet your benchmarks.
Compounding these problems is the fact that nearly three-quarters of companies have between one and four employees dedicated to content marketing. Thirty-nine percent of these believe their efforts aren’t very effective or aren’t effective at all. Understanding the state of this crucial aspect of your marketing efforts will give you a powerful edge against your competitors in the increasingly crowded online arena. Learn more about how content marketing is viewed by agencies, marketers, and freelance creatives in the infographic from CopyPress below. You’ll gain a powerful new vantage point from which to create your campaigns.
Current State of the Content Marketing Industry


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