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SEO Testimonials

"I recently hired SeoPlus to build a new site targeting a brand name product I supply. Within a week the new site was #1 on Google! Needless to say I am impressed with the service and will be back with other projects.
D.B. Vancouver, BC

The following testimonials are for the book "The Non-Techies Guide To Top 20 Search Engine Rankings" written by our Chief Optimizer, Chris Oakley:

"I recently bought the book 'The Non-Techies Guide To Top 20 Search Engine Rankings' by Chirstine J. Oakley and I have to say it is the best investment I have made in a long time. The book is a wealth of information The hints, tips and links have been extremely useful in promoting my new web site service. I made several changes in the text and meta tags and found my site listed within a week when it had not been listed at all before. As well, Chris makes the reading interesting and fun. I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants results. Thanks Chris!
Jan Carroll-Rodgers
JBCR Virtual Solutions"

"Common Sense with No 'Mumbo Jumbo!'
If you want a practical guide to learn the in's and out's of search engine promotion from someone who actually DOES it every single day, Chris Oakley's book is EXACTLY what you're looking for. Chris explains in plain language what you need to do and how to do it... but most importantly, Chris teaches you what works and what doesn't in a way you can understand and use immediately."

Jim Edwards

"I am nothing but pleased with "Non Techies Guide to Top 20 Rankings". As a search engine owner I have read most everything out there and this is a must read for anyone wanting to optimize their website for number one rankings."

"This book has the answers to all your questions without going through all the trial and errors. Chris has done it all and pre-tested to give you the most up to date information possible."

"Chris, you should be proud of your work on all levels! This is the best thing that has happened in search engine marketing in a long while. Keep up the great work and keep me posted of any updates."
Rich Widmeier
managing partner
LaughingBull Search Engine

"I have read and used Chris's SEO book and it is amazing. I have implemented many of her suggestions on a few sites and will be watching their movement. One site of mine is currently at #1 on Yahoo Canada in its category and in the top 20 with Google Canada in a few categories. I can tell you that Chris's book is worth it."
Shar, Administrator
Canadian webhosting & design

"SEO isn't a buzzword; it's a necessity for anyone concerned about web site traffic. Christine Oakley's The Non-Techie's Guide To Top 20 Search Engine Rankings provides clear step by step instructions for implementing the search engine optimization strategies that will deliver SEO success. I just wish this book existed years ago - it would have saved me many hours of SEO trial and error!"
Susan Ward, About Small Business: Canada

"This book is like a Dummies for site optimization manual, so easy to understand and with step by step diagrams and instructions all the way. It has taken the guesswork out of a complicated subject for me and as I utilize the tips in the book, I eagerly anticipate much improved ratings."
Joyce Sandilands, Author/Publisher
Bestselling novels with a refreshing difference by Canadian author, J. Robert Whittle, including "Leprechaun Magic" and its matching Audio Book read by yours truly! (Keep the kids occupied for hours!)

"As the owner of a tourism-related business on a tourism-driven Island, marketing our web site is an uphill battle, and that's assuming I know anything ABOUT such things as 'search engine optimization.' Since I don't, and I have to concentrate on what I do know -- giving our clients a wonderful sightseeing cruise -- I'm so glad there's resources like the 'Non-Techies Guide' to make this task SO much easier!"
Marilyn G., aboard the MV Wind Walker