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Here are the major factors that affect what you should expect to pay for search engine optimization, marketing and consulting;

  1. Size & Complexity of Website
  2. Size of Brand/Organization
  3. Difficulty of Project/Competitiveness of Rankings
The first factor - size/complexity of your website generally depends on the number/range or variety of products/services you offer.

Size or brand of your organization refers to recognition of your company name in relation to your products/services plus the scope and reach of your market.

Project difficulty is determined by how competitive your market or industry is and the online competition for the relevant keyword terms your prospective customers would use to find your business.

These factors dictate the seo strategies, time and labour involved for us to ensure you reach your online marketing goals.

We deal 'hands-on' with each and every client because in our experience so-called "package solutions" fail to take into account the individual structure, complexities and objectives of your business...

Our preferred method of communication is email as this allows us to better schedule our time in order to focus our efforts on your behalf. Phone consultations and face to face meetings can be arranged at a mutually agreeable time if you prefer.

You'll get the straight goods from all of us here at - we don't like time-wasters any more than you do so if your website needs a lot of work - we'll tell you that right off the bat. If it's really good and just needs some tweaking - we'll tall you that too! The critique we provide is not meant personally nor is it intended to insult your web designer or current webmaster. But if you can bear to hear the truth (and hey - it probably won't be all bad :) you'll be in a much better position to know exactly how you need to proceed in order to maximize your online presence and truly harness the power of the internet to grow your business.

Bottom line? Obviously you're not happy with the results your currently experiencing with your online marketing or you wouldn't still be reading this...

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