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Search Engine Promotion - Understanding Keyword Basics

If you've read Part'll understand the necessity for search engine promotion.

If you missed it - read it here Search Engine Positioning - What's It All About.

So the first question that comes to mind is, "How can everyone rank #1?"

And the bad news is obviously it isn't possible for every site to hold #1 positions for every major keyword term they are optimizing pages for.

But before you throw up your hands in disgust and scream out "I told you!" - there are a couple of things you should know.

It is estimated that fewer than 5% of all websites practice any kind of search engine promotion strategy.

Which means that in most market niches - you won't be trying to compete with every other company that sells widgets - 95% of your competitors will not be optimizing or enhancing their pages to gain top ranking at all.

Which leaves more room at the top for you!.

So how do you get your pages listed on the first page or two of the search engine's results for the keywords that are relevant to your product or service? learn how to optimize...or if you have the resources, you outsource this critical function to a reputable search engine promotion company.

I firmly believe, however, that even if you can afford to outsource SEP - you should still have at least a basic understanding of what's involved.

Otherwise how will you know that the methods the optimizers use will be both effective and ethical?

So where do you begin?

The best place to start is actually before you create the website...

That's because it is much easier to optimize a site that has been designed to make it fast-loading, easy to navigate - and - more importantly easy for the search engine spiders or robots to read and interpret.

But what if you already have a site?

Don't despair - any site can be re-designed to make the task of optimizing easier and your search engine promotion results more effective. It just takes a bit more effort and some solid know-how.

And the know-how is what we'll discuss in Search Engine Placement - Learning Keyword Basics the next in this series of search engine promotion articles.

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