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Glossary of Search Engine Optimization Terms

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redirect Web page that when requested from the server redirects immediately to a different page or URL.
relevance The degree to which a web page satisfies a search query.
robot The software used to collect information for the search engine's database.
ROI Return on investment.


sales site Web site designed to generate revenues through selling a product or service rather than advertising.
search engine A web site that provides information to it's users.
search engine marketing Another term for search engine optimizing.
search engine optimizing Generating leads through listings on a search engine.
search engine placement Another term for search engine optimizing.
search engine positioning Another term for search engine optimizing.
search engine ranking Position held by a web page in a search engine's results for a specific search query.
search engine results Pages returned by a search engine in response to a specific search query.
search query Word or phrase entered in a search box on a search engine site in order to retrieve specific information.
SEO Acronym for search engine optimization.
sig file Closing used in advertising and email that contains the users name, URL and other contact info. Usually includes a slogan that describes the business.
site depth The number of pages contained within a web site. Sites with more depth have a higher number of pages.
source code The HTML code behind a web page.
spam Term used on the web to denote underhanded marketing practices. In email the equivalent to junk mail.
spamdexing Submitting pages to a search engine with the intention of fooling the engine into assigning a higher ranking to that page.
spider Another name for the software used by a search engine to collect data.
<STYLE> HTML tag contained in the <HEAD> area that defines a particular set of parameters to be applied to a web page's contents.
submitting Process of requesting that a search engine add your web site or internal pages to its database.
surfer Internet term that describes a person using the web.

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