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Glossary of Search Engine Optimization Terms

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link Enables you to link to other locations within a document or to an external file....see also hyperlink...
link popularity A measure used to gauge a web site's popularity defined by the number of web pages that link to a particular site.
link strategy The method used by a particular site owner to increase the number of inbound links to their pages and boost their site's link popularity.
link text The visible text contained within an <A></A> or anchor tag that provides instructions or information to the viewer.


<META> An HTML tag placed within the tag that provides information about the page or document.
<META> description <META> tag used to describe the contents of a page or document.
<META> keyword Another <META> tag that indicates the keywords associated with a page or document.


nested keywords Used to describe the process of inserting a shorter keyword phrase within a longer term. Intended to increase the number of searches a page is returned for.


page rank(ing) The position accorded a particular page in a search engine's database. The top rank being Position 1, Page 1 of the search results for any given keyword or search term.
page view A single request from a server for a page file on a web site.
paid listing Any position (usually an advertisement rather than an optimized page) held in a search engine's database for which a fee has been assessed.
portal site Term used to denote a site designed to draw a large number of viewers in order to derive an income from advertising revenues. Usually offers information on a variety of topics or subjects intended to be of interest to a wide audience.
position The ranking assigned by a search engine to a page. The position denotes where that page is displayed in the search results for a given keyword or phrase.
PPC Pay Per Click...revenue model that charges a bid amount to a site in exchange for a listing displayed at a certain position in that engine's results. For a page to hold Position 1 on Overture for a specific keyword or phrase the site owner agrees to pay the current bid amount required to maintain that position. Bid amounts are determined by the number of bidders that wish to hold the position - auction style.
PPI Pay Per Inclusion...fee charged for a site to be added to a search engine's database. This model is mostly associated with Directories but is also used by spidering engines...for example Inktomi...prominence The placing of keywords at the beginning of a tag or the top of a page. The closer the keywords are to the front of the tag or the higher they are displayed on the page the more prominent they are considered to be in relation to the rest of the page's text.

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