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Glossary of Search Engine Optimization Terms

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features In sales literature the physical attributes or capabilities of a product...see also benefits...
file A unit of storage. Each web page contains one file that holds the HTML code and a file for each image.


<H> Denotes a headline tag. In HTML these run from largest Font size <H1> to smallest <H6>.
hit A request for a file from a server.
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language - used for creating web pages.
hybrid In SEO terms refers to a search engine that has both a directory component and a spidering or crawler based segment within it's database.
hyperlink In HTML, allows you to link to other locations within a document or to an external file...see also link...


ideal customer Person interested in your product or service.
index A search engine's database.
indexing The process of adding pages to a search engine's database.


KEI A term used by WordTracker to indicate which keyword or keyword phrase has the highest number of searches and the lowest number of competing pages.
keyword A word a searcher would use to find your product or service.
keyword density The number of keywords on a page compared to the total number of words on the page shown as a percentage...see keyword weighting.
keyword nesting Placing one keyword or keyword phrase inside a broader keyword term.
keyword phrase Two or more word term that defines a keyword in more detail. Used by searchers to find a product.
keyword prominence The position of a keyword or keyword phrase on a web page or in a specific HTML tag on that page. Keywords at the beginning of a tag or at the top of a page have more prominence than those used later in the copy.
keyword research The process in SEO of finding the keywords or keyword phrases customers use to find a product or service.
keyword stuffing Repeated use of a keyword or keyword phrase in a misguided attempt to boost ranking. Also called spamdexing or spamming the index of a search engine.
keyword weighting The number of keywords on a page compared to the total number of words on the page shown as a percentage...see keyword density.

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