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Free Search Engine Submission Guide

Inktomi (defunct - Purchased by Yahoo 2002)

Inktomi was a very important database that supplied results to MSN, HotBot, Overture, Looksmart and about 47 other partner sites. (Inktomi does not have its own search site.) If you have the resources it might be advisable ( certainly much faster ) to submit one paid inclusion page to Inktomi through PositionTech (see table below).

One advantage to paying for inclusion was their promise to re-spider your page every 48 hours - meaning you can make changes to your page and see the effectiveness of any change every two days.

Please note that Inktomi was recently purchased by Yahoo so a listing here could get your site listed at Yahoo in the near future. Very sweet - particularly if your listing in Yahoo ( via Inktomi ) is accomplished through a free url registration :-)

Please be aware that registration is required to take advantage of the free submit url option and there's no guarantee your url will be listed.

Key Information:

Type of Search Engine: Crawler-based index
What Pages to Submit: Not applicable
Free URL Submissions: Not applicable
Wait Time Until Indexed: Not applicable
Paid URL Submissions: Not applicable
Paid Inclusion Costs: Not applicable
Wait Time Until Indexed: Not applicable