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Free Search Engine Submission Guide


HotBot is one of the few engines still offering a free search engine listing. The first link below is about the last place available to submit to the Inktomi database at no cost.

Be aware that registration is required to use the free search engine registration service but Lycos/Hotbot offer no guarantees as to the effectiveness of using their free listing service.

HotBot, now owned by Lycos, is another once popular search engine that has lost many of its followers over the past several years. However this service has made changes of late and is working hard at a comeback.

Key Information:

Type of Search Engine: Crawler-based index
What Pages to Submit: Home page only
Free URL Submissions: No longer available
Economical search engine marketing
Wait Time Until Indexed: Usually within 30 days
Paid URL Submissions: No longer available
Paid Inclusion Costs: Not applicable
Wait Time Until Indexed: Not applicable