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Free Search Engine Submission Guide


Since its modest beginnings at Stanford University, Google has emerged as the most popular of all search engines. Google provides very accurate search results and a host of site features that make it the main destination for web searchers.

Google crawls the internet quite regularly and they are usually one of the fastest engines for indexing or adding well-optimized pages to their database. At this time, they supply results from their database that are completely integrated into the Yahoo Directory results and they have a similar arrangement with AOL. Yahoo is expected to switch to the Inktomi database in early 2004.

Google is an SEO Optimization dream. Getting top search engine rankings and positioning at Google can mean instant success for your web site. Well positioned sites listed at Google usually get more traffic from this one engine than all other search engines combined.

Google has also launched AdWords, a pay-per-click system of advertising but still chooses not to participate in the paid inclusion market,.

Best of all - free site submission is still an option at Google.

Key Information:

Type of Search Engine: Crawler-based index
What Pages to Submit: Home page only
Free URL Submissions:
Wait Time Until Indexed: Usually within a few days; Sites are normally picked up by the crawler without being submitted at all
Paid URL Submissions:
Paid Inclusion Costs: $5 Activation Fee; Pay per click thereafter based on amount bid
Wait Time Until Indexed: Not Applicable