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Free Search Engine Submission Guide

AOL Search

AOL Search has recently partnered with Google and supplies indexed results from Google's crawler-based index. AOL Search also returns directory results based on the Open Directory Project database. AOL members have access to certain content that is not made available to non-members.

You can submit to AOL's free url submission page but the Open Directory handles all free web site submissions. Therefore if you have submitted to the Open Directory, there is little point in submitting again via AOL Search.

As AOL gets most of its results from Google, any page that ranks well in Google's database will usually hold the same position at AOL. If you are having trouble getting listed in the Open Directory then submitting your page to Google will get you a listing in AOL in a lot less time.

Key Information:

Type of Search Engine: Hybrid - Directory listings maintained by Open Directory / Indexed results based on Google's database
What Pages to Submit: Your home page only
Free URL Submissions: No longer available
Economical SEO marketing
Wait Time Until Indexed: See Open Directory
Paid URL Submissions: Not Applicable
Paid Inclusion Costs: Not Applicable
Wait Time Until Indexed: Not Applicable