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Free Search Engine Submission Guide

AllTheWeb (Fast Search)

Launched in 1999, All The Web (Fast Search) is a popular crawler-based search engine with an excellent database. FAST All The Web offers a free search engine submission and listing service, but doesn't guarantee that sites submitted this way will actually show up. Make sure you submit your home page here - there's no better deal than free!

Usual wait times for indexing ( getting your pages added to the database ) can be be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

If you want to ensure that you are included in the FAST All The Web database, they offer a paid inclusion service with an Annual Membership fee of $18 per year plus $12 per URL submitted per year. Paid submittals are guaranteed indexing within 48 hours and every 48 hours thereafter. A viable and affordable alternative to the free search engine submit for those who prefer not to wait.

Key Information:

Type of Search Engine: Crawler based index
What Pages to Submit: Your home page and a couple of interior pages
Free URL Submissions:
Wait Time Until Indexed: From 2 weeks up to several months (Indexing does not guarantee pages will be included in the database)
Paid URL Submissions: Lycos InSite Select Registration
(FAST AllTheWeb markets paid inclusion services via portal partners such as Lycos)
Paid Inclusion Costs: $18 Annual Membership Fee
$12 Per URL Annually
Wait Time Until Indexed: Guaranteed within 48 hours